“One Family” Assumption University Alumni Association, on Friday January 6, 2023

Assumption University Alumni Association, on Friday January 6, 2023, held an auspicious occasion of delegating the duties according to the regulations of the Assumption University Alumni Association to Team 14th after the official completion of Team 13th term, on this day.

The session was a nurturing, relaxed, yet formal work environment with free flow of information among team members who are eager to do well in their roles for the benefit of the association. In this ceremony, there was both, casualness and formality in a way that no one expected, therefore it was full of excitement mixed with joyfulness.


The ceremony began with Dr. Somprot Sarakoset, the 13th President of the AUAA, giving a welcoming and congratulatory speech for being highly honored by Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, President of Assumption University of Thailand (AU), who came to be the ceremony chairman for us.

Bro. Bancha spoke to us on many matters, including sacrifice for the public, creating activities to build unity, and maintaining good relations among brothers and sisters in the institution. And above all, supporting each other, regardless of the agenda has already ended. Bro. Bancha gave us a beautiful idea that we are “One Family” with good intentions for our alma mater.




What Bro. Bancha preached reminds us of the day we met him 2 months ago. At that time, Bro. Bancha gave us some ideas about activities and creating good interactions between the institute and the AUAA in simply explained that


“The cooperation of all today will lead to success in every side as intended whether AUAA, current students, faculties, staffs, and people outside who are interested in our institution in the future including all of us.
Let us think of the benefits for the masses. Strengthen relationships and cooperate in creating good activities for society.
Do it small, don’t rush, don’t overdo it. However, things must be done with purpose.
And we should know that the university is ready to support the activities of the AUAA. As long as we ask for it.”



Today, Bro. Bancha is still clear in its meaning. More is the warmth from the heart that we can actually feel and touch.
After Bro. Bancha had welcomed and given sermons and blessings in the name of Christ, Dr. Somprot invited the 14th AUAA President, Dr. Phakkhra Ruangsiradecho to give a speech.

Dr. Phakkhra is the former Executive Vice President, Aviation Business Unit, Thai Airways P.C.L.. Long serving period until retirement made her have a heart to sacrifice for the public, and always remains attentive and considerate of the needs of others. Being a former master’s and doctoral student from Assumption University, Dr. Phakkhra has a close relationship with the institute, and immensely understands the traditions.

On this special event, Dr. Phakkhra expressed her gratitude to Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghira and greatly appreciated Dr. Somprot Sarakoset and all the 13th committee members who have made rewarding efforts in incorporating the agenda of the organization and strengthening the relationship among the brothers and sisters in the institute who today are about to change hands to the team.

Dr. Phakkhra also welcomed the committee members from the 13th team who regardless of their busy schedules have extended their support to join us for the supportive activities for another term.

Dr. Phakkhra further expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all the staff and members of the institute for their contribution. Particularly, the library team, Mrs. Benjaporn Anunwanitcha, Director of Central Library, who came in as the head of the PR team and managed to collect pictures of today’s work.

Today’s ceremony ended with satisfaction in the good intentions for all parties who want to move forward together to achieve greatest potential in creating excellent activities. We invite you to join in creating and achieving great work that will benefit all parties, the public, for the brothers and sisters, for the faculty and personnel officers, including for our AU family.