Ruamchit Nomklao Foundation (for Underprivileged Youth)

Ruamchit Nomklao Foundation (for Underprivileged Youth)

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On 21st January 2018, Assumption University Alumni Association and Assumption University representatives participated in the “Koa Nee Pua Nong, a Charity Walk Devoted to Helping Needy School Kids (now held in its 3rd time). Co-organized by the Ruamchit Nomklao Foundation for Youth, under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen, and Saint Gabriel’s Alumni Association of Thailand, the event took place around the Grand Palace walls in order to raise funds benefiting the disadvantaged youth community nationwide. Representing Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali, Mom Luang Sarali Kitiyakara, presided over this charity walking project. Other honored guests participating in the event included Rev. Bro. Dr. Prathip Martin Komolmas, President-Emeritus and Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, President-Rector Manificus, Assumption University, the original project’s initiators, Mr. Duladilok Dulalampa, President of Saint Gabriel’s Alumni Association of Thailand, Dr. Parutha Promlert, the event’s President, Wanwilai Promlakkano, President of the Ministry Of Interior’s Ladies Association and Vice President of the Foundation, Suttipong Juljarern, Vice Governor of Bangkok and Director – General of the Department of Local Administration, Panut Assaratanakul, the event’s Vice President, Dr. Wandee Khunchornyakong Juljarern, President of Foundation Funding, Kanporn Vongpiyakul, and Dr.Somprot Sarakoses, President of Assumption University Alumni Association as well as many other committee members who played important parts in carrying out this project towards success. Director of the Foundation welcomed over 5,000 participants from both the government and private sectors who were pleased to join the worthwhile event and willingly made donations to the Foundation.

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