CEO forum#4 & Gurus Talk Retail Automotive Business Transformation 2020

CEO forum#4 & Gurus Talk Retail Automotive Business Transformation 2020

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In line with Thailand 4.0 policy that the government strives to intensively accelerate, the private sectors i.e., Retail Automotive Business is necessarily forced to bring in new innovation to create competitiveness, to operate business with technological mindset and, at the same time striving to achieve sustainable customer service.

The Master Group Corporation (Asia) Co., Ltd or MGC – Asia is one of the companies in the automotive industry with a vision to push forward its business towards sustainable growth. The company offers all-inclusive products and services to serve the customer’s needs: New Car, Yacht, Used Car, Car Rental and Limousine Services, Service Workshop and Spare Parts, Insurance Broker, IT and Call Center Service and Training and Development. The company’s objective is to become a leader in Retail and Service Automation in Thailand.

The company increases efficiency and also mixed technology in a digital platform to strengthen organizational process; product, marketing, human resources management.xEvenxthe related affiliated groups of companies clearly aim to utilize digital technology as a key on business operation. Accordingly, the company emphasizes the importance of developing new innovation to provide the best services to customers. There is a 24-hour computer service that links all information from all branches. System development helps acquire accurate information.  Advanced technological equipment, quality service, and expertise facilitate the service systems addressing all of needs of customers. Currently, the company has fully expanded its business ad invested in ASEAN countries in order to strengthen the company groups towards becoming leaders in Retail and Automative Service.

Digital Transformation becomes a key component of business structural transformation and it provides confidence that with organizational transformation, it will allow MGC – Asia be the number one in the automotive industry in Thailand and ASEAN countries.

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