CEO forum#3

CEO forum#3

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Thailand 4.0 signifies the country’s structural change model defined by the drive in technology, creativity, and innovation in culminating our national industrial growth or developments.

With over 25 years of his experiences working in IT business, Dhanawat Suthumpun, Managing Director of Microsoft Thailand, has the honor to share his direct experiences under the topic of “Responsible Computing in the Digital Landscape” in the CEO Forum, a conference organized by Assumption University Alumni Association.

Due to the rapid change in digital trend, Microsoft is essentially aimed to focus its mission on Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge in order to respond to the working environment in IOT era or Internet of Things or the connectivity of every device automatically which are managed by Cloud Functions Platform. Also, it can identify specific data to match with work performance and operate as Server-less

In this period, multi-devices usage or outdated server system is gradually substituted by the role of AI technology that will help in business prediction in the future. Therefore, Microsoft will move from selling software licensing to creating solutions to respond to customer’s need because the company does not only have Cloud’s service or SaaS but also have AI through the real example developed by Microsoft and its partners.

Microsoft has perceived that Thailand has tremendous opportunities in terms of technology realizing that nowadays big or small firms; realize the significance of Digital Transformation. Therefore, the company has formulated the business objectives in the following 4 main areas: 1.Modernization of the Workplace to allow a business organization to function at any places at any time. 2.Business Application to help a company to adjust the business strategies 3.Invention of new Application & Infrastructure to enable customers pay according to real usage 4.Data & AI is the leverage of data analysis from each enterprise by customizing our technology in relation to customer’s requirements.

All of the above mentioned points characterized the Microsoft’s vision which aims to play a part in assisting everyone and every company in this World by applying existing technology to consistently drive business growth.

Thailand 4.0 portrays the economy as digitally oriented and innovation driven, focusing on high-value-added manufacturing and services.

To this end, the 4.0 strategy will focus on ten strategic industries. This will include those currently found in Thailand but where value can be added via new technologies, encompassing smart electronics, high-income and medical tourism, agriculture and biotechnology, food and beverages, and automotive industries. It will also extend to developing industries that are new to the country, namely robotics, aerospace, digital services, bio-energy and bio-chemicals, and healthcare.

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